Food & Drink

Menu of the day

Our kitchen will be serving a daily lunch and dinner special. These will be a set Chef's special menu of different lunch and dinner dishes everyday. They will be available for purchase anytime before rafting trips and served upon return from the river. Lunch of the Day will be available following the Whitewater Action trip and Dinner of the Day following the return of the Family Rafting trip. Just like rafting, these meals are for those with a sense of adventure, meaning that the menu will be a mystery until the chef reveals his creation! We won't know ahead of time what to expect. You can surely expect it to be GOOD!

Since there won't be any alternative to the set menu, we encourage those with special dietary requirements/preferences to make their own arrangements or let us know in advance. Bon Apétit!

The Whitewater Bar

This is where we drink beer... awesome local brewery from our friends at Kaldi. We're a little too tipsy to finish this page right now, but it'll be up soon. Cheers!