Camping at Viking Rafting

Camping at Viking Rafting is an excellent option for those looking to stay local before or after their trip! Camping will be available beginning May 1st all the way through September 25th. If you are on a budget, or are looking for a relaxed morning before the whitewater action, camping at the base is a great idea. We have three cleared, flat, areas for staking tents to the right of the base (South).

If you are not that IN-TENTS (get it?), you are welcome to car camp. We ask that you please keep your cars in front of the base or to the right (West or South). Any place you see rafts, trailers, and buses will be quite busy early in the morning. The last thing you want is a grumpy guide knocking on your window at 7am!

Amenities at Viking Rafting:
While camping you will have access to our lounge, bar (not an open bar!), toilets, pool and foosball table, big screen TV, outdoor BBQ, musical instruments, and books until 10pm. This is a shared space for clients and guides so make yourself at home. We do not currently have a kitchen designated for campers. You can find tables for cooking outside the lounge on the porch, but feel free to come inside and eat when you’re ready!

Things to consider:

  • The Weather in Iceland is unpredictable to be prepared for anything from snow to sunshine.
  • There is no food available within 50km of the base in the morning. It is very important to have a big meal before heading onto the river, so come prepared.
  • Spending the night after your trip is also a great option. Our local hot spring is located close to the lip of an impressive waterfall. This is a great place to relax after a thrilling day on the river. We have a full service bar and offer both lunch and dinner for participants and campers. And of course the guides can always be convinced to stay up and relive all the action from the day!