Whitewater Rafting, North Iceland

From <A HREF="http://laeasymeals.com/2013/08/13/whitewater-rafting-north-iceland/">L.A. EASY MEALS</A> by ANDEE, August 2013 <em>"We love whitewater rafting and the more extreme the rapids are, the more we gravitate towards. We knew this trip was for us and it didn’t disappoint. There were other options of rafting trips closer to Reykjavik that wouldn’t have us driving to North Iceland, but it wouldn’t have been the same kind of rapids and scenery. I had heard about the “big” one from a local the day before, dubbed ‘Green Room’, the biggest rapid on the river. The Green Room is especially tough because of the mess of churning confused water that waits at the bottom of the drop. The first drop leaves you right in line for the second drop which is guarded by a midstream rock. If you don’t hit it right, you could flip into the churning water which will leave you underwater for some time, like a whirpool. The first raft hit it perfectly and before I knew it, we were making our way down the Green Room. It was clear what we had to do, and it helped to watch the other raft go first to fully survey the magnitude of this rapid and how to approach it. It was the biggest rapid I’ve ever been on and definitely lived up to the description."</em> To read on, <A HREF="http://laeasymeals.com/2013/08/13/whitewater-rafting-north-iceland/">click here</A>.