TOP 10 Longest Rivers in Iceland

Are you wondering how long are Icelandic rivers and which are those? Here we have put together the list for you. River where we raft has also made it on this list!

  1. Thjórsá River, 230 km

Fed by Hofsjökull glacier in Northern Iceland, Iceland’s longest river flows on a southwesterly course for 230km. It eventually meets the ocean between the towns of Selfoss and Hella.

  1. Jökulsá á Fjöllum River 206km

“Glacial river in the mountains” is fed by Iceland’s largest Glacier, Vatnajökull. On its course north into the Greenland Sea, this river supplies several famous waterfalls including Selfoss, Hafragilsfoss, and Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss. 

  1. Hvítá River, 185km

The “White River” originates from the the Hvítárvatn Lake on the edge of the Langjökull Glacier. The lake forces much of the heavier silt to settle, allowing only the lightest, white colored sediment to be carried downstream. The impressive Gulfoss, can be found on the upper reaches. Hvítá ends it’s course at the town of Selfoss.

  1. Skjálfandafljót River, 180km

Another of the many rivers fed by the massive Vatnajökull Glacier, this river is most famous for giving us Godafoss. Godafoss is Iceland’s most famous waterfall and is a paradise for photographers, sightseers, and kayakers! 

  1. Jökulsá á Dal River, 150km

Flowing from Vatnajökull Glacier, this is the longest river in the Eastern portion of the country.

  1. Jokulsa í Fjotsdal River, 140 km

Running Northeast off Vatnajökull Glacier, this river famously feeds one Iceland’s largest lake, Lagarfljót. The lake is massive and rumored to be the home of Iceland’s version of the Loch Ness monster, Lagarfljótsormurinn!

  1. Heradsvotn River, 130km

This fabulous river is home to the best whitewater rafting in Iceland! Hofsjökull Glacier supplies water for both our commercial rivers, the East and West Glacier Rivers. The confluence of these rivers is where Heradsvotn forms by name. It continues north and meets the ocean at the town of Sauðárkrókur.

  1. Blanda River, 125 km

Hofsjökull Glacier is the source of this river, the town of Blönduós is the mouth.

  1. Fnjóská River, 117km

Located to the east of Akureryi, this is one of Iceland’s most popular fly fishing rivers.

  1. Hvita River in Borgarfjordur, 117km

Longest flowing river in Western Iceland.