FAQ’s − General

FIND US ON THE MAP We are located at Hafgrímsstaðir, on Road #752 just 15km south of Varmahlíð.
FROM REYKJAVÍK (305km/4 hours): Follow the Ringroad (Highway #1) direction North. Just before reaching Varmahlíð, turn RIGHT onto Road #752 and continue straight for 15km. Our rafting base is on your left, just after a little bridge over the river.
FROM AKUREYRI (110km/1.5 hours): Follow the Ringroad (Highway #1) direction West. Just after passing Varmahlíð, turn LEFT onto Road #752 and continue straight for 15km. Our rafting base is on your left, just after a little bridge over the river.

We pride ourselves in being above our competition, and we’re more than happy explain why! Find out what makes Viking Rafting unique.

YES. We’ll happily accept any credit card that our machine is able to process. If you carry an obscure/mafia type of credit card that has a reputation for not working, we’d recommend having an extra card, cash, or a generous friend as backup!

YES, but…! Our Whitewater Kitchen offers a simple set “Lunch/Dinner of the Day” menu, served upon return from rafting trips. Those wishing to have a meal after their trip must pre-order before heading to the river. This can be done either online by adding the “Lunch of the Day” or “Dinner of the Day” extra to your booking, or at our base while you are checking in for your trip. The daily menu is decided by our chef, depending on available ingredients and inspiration. For those just after a quick fix, candy bars, chips, and small snacks are available anytime. Bon Apétit!

YES. As of summer 2015, we will be offering camping facilities on site. They will include a cooking shelter, toilets, kick-ass view of the mountains, as well as the use of our indoor facilities at the base (bar, pool/foosball tables, couches, musical instruments, etc). Please check the “Facilities” tab on our website for up-to-date camping prices.

NO. Unfortunately we do not have public showers up and running yet. They will come with an awesome outdoor mountain-view hot tub, but this project is still currently “under construction”. You can help us put some momentum behind it by booking lots of rafting trips in advance and or by making generous donations to the cause! For those in desperate need of a scrubbing, we can happily arrange a trip to our charming local outdoor pool, complete with hot pots and shower facilities, just 5km down the road.

IT DEPENDS (on your definition of “party”)! Our Whitewater Bar has been known to be one of the more lively establishments in a considerable radius, and has been the site of many impromptu celebrations. We are open everyday, playing good music and serving cold locally-brewed beer to thirsty rafters. We also host a live-music night on the last Saturday of every month. So in short, YES, you are welcome to party at our base. But be warned that if you’re the type of party animal that likes to be disrespectful and cause problems, karma might well smash you on the head with a beer bottle, throw you on the back of a tractor, and send you off with the locals for some Skagafjörður justice.